Starboard Wing Set E-Type Quick Lock 2 and Aluminium V8 Mast Set Combo


Complete your Starboard wingfoiling setup with our Wing Set and Mast Set Combo. The combo includes the Starboard Aluminium V8 Mast Set 82cm, offering maximum stiffness and strength with its innovative design. The mast features a lightweight construction, reinforced with load-bearing I-beams and extra-thick stringers. It also boasts a convenient 2-in-1 functionality with a Deep Tuttle fitting inside.

Pair the mast with the Starboard E-Type Quick Lock 2 Wingfoil Set 1700, a high-efficiency wing option that strikes the perfect balance between stability, speed, and carving power. With medium-aspect wings and a durable Carbon 36 fuselage, this set ensures optimal flight performance.

Upgrade your wingfoiling experience with this complete foil package, providing durability, performance, and versatility.

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Introducing the perfect combination for a complete foil setup – the Starboard Wing Set and Mast Set Combo. This package includes everything you need to enhance your wingfoiling experience.

The Starboard Aluminium V8 Mast Set 82cm offers exceptional stiffness and strength. Its design incorporates a reduced wall thickness and maximized internal cavities to minimize weight. For maximum durability, three load-bearing I-beams run along the length of the mast, providing superior strength and stiffness. The front and back stringers are extra thick and reinforced with two 12mm wide stainless steel barrel nuts to handle vertical loads effectively.

Features of the mast set:

  • The core of the mast is constructed from extruded Aluminium 6061, which is anodized and sealed water-tight for long-lasting performance.
  • CNC machining ensures precise ends, and the addition of Akulon spacers (robust and stiff recycled plastic) on both ends further enhances durability.
  • Two side bolts enable a secure connection without compromising the mast’s wall thickness. By undoing these bolts, along with the two vertical bolts, you can uncover a Deep Tuttle fitting inside, offering a surprising 2-in-1 functionality.
  • The Quick Lock fuselage is conveniently divided into two pieces: the front piece comes with the Mast Set, while the tailpiece is included with the Wing Set.
  • During the initial unboxing of your Mast Set, you’ll assemble the fuselage front piece to the mast. Once assembled, this front piece remains attached to the mast, eliminating the need for frequent removal.

The Starboard E-Type Quick Lock 2 Wingfoil Set 1700 is an excellent choice for those seeking high-efficiency performance. With its medium-aspect wings, the E-Types strike a perfect balance between stability, glide, speed, carving power, pumping efficiency, and overall flight efficiency.

E-Type wing specifications:

  • Front Wing options: 1700
  • Tail Wing: Razr 250
  • Fuselage: Carbon 36

Experience the optimal blend of strength, performance, and versatility with the Wing Set and Mast Set Combo. The Starboard Aluminium V8 Mast Set 82cm ensures maximum stiffness and durability, while the Starboard E-Type Quick Lock 2 Wingfoil Set 1700 delivers exceptional efficiency. Upgrade your wingfoiling adventures with this comprehensive foil package.

*Actual product may vary from product image

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 117 × 25 × 26 cm

V8 82 cm Mast + E-Type 1300, V8 82 cm Mast + E-Type 1500, V8 82 cm Mast + E-Type 1700, V8 82 cm Mast + E-Type 2000