JP WingAir Inflatable Wingfoil Package


The JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard Package is super user-friendly as it features all main advantages of inflatables: comfortable and smooth on your skin and knees, light and small for easy transport and storage.

JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard 5’4 x 27.5″/ 6’0 x 28.5″:
• Length: 165/183 cm
• Width: 70/72 cm
• Volume: 110130 L
• Weight: 8.8/9.6 Kg (+/-10%)
• Thickness: 13 cm
• Foil box: 2x Long Tracks in a G10 Plate

2021 Starboard FreeWing Air V2 5m:
• Aspect ratio: 1.98
• Wind range: 11 – 28
• Recommended Inflating Pressure (PSI): 5

The Ak Surf foil 1600cm²/2000cm²:

The AK Surf Foil 1600 Large is great for Freewinging and was developed to perform in small to medium size waves for riders 75 – 85kg, in all-around surf or light wind kite foiling.
Front Wing: 1600cm2   Rear Wing: 300cm2    Mast: 70cm

The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavyweight surfing.
Front Wing: 2000cm2   Rear Wing: 300cm2    Mast: 70cm

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The JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard is a pure Wing foiling board. This product is as compact and comfortable as the other inflatables and delivers a level of performance comparable to a composite board thanks to its construction and the features added.

The Starboard Freewing Air V2 introduces a new level of refinement to the FreeWing range. Higher performance through more stability, more speed, more pumpability and more acceleration.

The AK Surf Foil Large was developed specifically as a surf foil to perform in small to medium size waves, or for heavier riders over 80kg / 200LBS, in all-around surf or for light wind kite foiling. The intermediate aspect ratio wings with updated profiles provide the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.

Package Deal Includes:
• JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard 5’4″ x 27.5″ (110l) / 6’0 x 28.5″ (130l)
• Starboard Airush Inflatable Wing 5m
• AK Reflex Carbon Foil 1600cm²/2000cm²

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 40 cm