2022 JP Inflatable Wingfoil Package

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The JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard Package is super user-friendly as it features all main advantages of inflatables: comfortable and smooth on your skin and knees, light and small for easy transport and storage.

JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard 5’4 x 27.5″/ 6’0 x 28.5″:
• Length: 165/183 cm
• Width: 70/72 cm
• Volume: 110130 L
• Weight: 8.8/9.6 Kg (+/-10%)
• Thickness: 13 cm
• Foil box: 2x Long Tracks in a G10 Plate

2021 Starboard FreeWing Air V2 5m:
• Aspect ratio: 1.98
• Wind range: 11 – 28
• Recommended Inflating Pressure (PSI): 5

Neil Pryde Glide Surf HP Foil 17 / 19:
• Mast: 70cm 6061-T6 Aluminum Mast
• Front Wing: 1670 – 1850 cm2 Prepreg Carbon
• Fuselage: 74cm Aluminum
• Rear Stabilizer: Prepreg Carbon
• 1 Year Warranty

Neil Pryde Surf Plate Adapter:
• New CNC Reinforced Base Construction
• Two Deep Vertical Tube Connections for Maximum Strength, Eliminates Movement and Perfect Load Transfer
• Avoids vibration around the upper attachment area


The 2022 JP WingAir Inflatable Wingboard is a pure Wing foiling board. This product is as compact and comfortable as the other inflatables and delivers a level of performance comparable to a composite board thanks to its construction and the features added.

WingAir 5’4/WingAir 6’0
• Length: 165/183 cm
• Width: 70/72 cm
• Volume: 110/130 l
• Weight: 8.8/9.6 Kg (+/-10%)
• Thickness: 13 cm
• Foil box: 2x Long Tracks in a G10 Plate

The Starboard Freewing Air V2 introduces a new level of refinement to the FreeWing range. Higher performance through more stability, more speed, more pumpability, and more acceleration.

• Area: 5m
• Wind Range: 11-28 knots
• Recommended Inflating Pressure (PSI): 5

• Optimized Windows: Main Windows are further forward to cath low down the action. Helps keep FreeWing at a lightweight.
• Refined Wingtips: Easy to get out of the water when starting and during fun maneuvers.
• Ultimate Handle Position: Two back handles for ultimate position. Forward handles for entry-level and transition.

The new Glide Surf HP is a user-friendly foil that requires minimum speed for lift-off. Easy to fly, easy to control and stability are at the forefront of its design. This Wing and Surf foil focuses on stability and early flying – allowing first time foilers to feel comfortable and in control, while its rounded edges and efficiency will provide excellent glide and carving qualities for growth and foiling maneuvering success. The GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow or wing effortlessly. On a wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly through the sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns. Designed as a modular system, rider will be able to modify the Glide foil to their wind and water condition needs. 6 different Carbon Wings and 2 stabilizer options are available to address your need.

• Mast: 70cm 6061-T6 Aluminum Mast
• Front Wing: 1130 – 2270 cm2 Prepreg Carbon
• Fuselage: 74cm Aluminum
• Rear Stabilizer: Prepreg Carbon
• 1 Year Warranty

Foil Specs:
• Mast: 70cm Aluminum CNC
• Fuselage: 74cm AL (saddle connection)
• Front Wing Sizes: 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23
• Wing surface area in cm2: 11 = 1130, 13 = 1300, 15 = 1490, 17 = 1670, 19 = 1850, 23 = 2270
• Wing Span: 15 = 88.26 cm, 17, 19, 23 = DBA Rear Stabilizer Size / Surface Area: S = 2.0 / 200 = DBA, L = 2.5/ 240 = 41.91 cm L = included on 15-23 foils.
• Rear Stabilizer Span: S = DBA, L = 41.91 cm .

All foils are supplied with a T-40 torx drive, and come with titanium plated stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio, preventing any corrosion problems.

N.B.These foils are sold without the Base attachment “Foil Plates” to your board. These are available separately to allow you to get the proper base to fit your board requirements. Available base options: Surf Plate, DT, Power. So don’t forget to get the appropriate head for your foil.

The Neil Pryde Surf Plate Adapter is designed for the Neil Pryde Glide Surf and Glide Wind Range of Foils and features a new CNC reinforced base construction. It features two deep titanium vertical tube connections to the mast for maximum strength, eliminating movement and offering perfect load transfer. Avoids vibration around the upper attachment area.

Package Deal Includes:
• 2022 JP Inflatable WingAir 5’4/WingAir 6’0
• 2023 Freewing Air V2 5m
• Neil Pryde Glide Surf HP 17 (1670 cm2) / 19 (1850 cm2)
• Neil Pryde Surf Plate Adaptor

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 40 cm

5'4" x 27.5" (110L), 6'0" x 28.5" (130L)

Freewing 5M

Teal & Red, Teal & Pink


17 (1670 cm2), 19 (1850 cm2)

Interchangeable Head

Plate Adaptor